The Office of the Registrar

The primary function of the Registrar’s Office is to maintain academic records. We serve students in a number of ways:

Loan Deferments and Veteran's Benefits

The Registrar’s Office processes loan deferments and helps veterans procure benefits. Enrolled students may submit their academic loan deferment forms or veteran benefit forms to the Registrar’s Office for completion.


Transfer Credit Policy

Guidelines for Transfer of Credits to Professional Degree Program:

Upon request of the Admissions Office, the Registrar will initiate the transfer credit assessment process for applicants whose files are complete. Currently enrolled students should contact the Registrar directly. Academic credits completed within the past eight years at regionally accredited institutions in the United States or in schools with equivalent standing overseas may be eligible for transfer. The ceiling for semester credit hours transferred into the M.A.C.E. program is 18. The ceiling for semester credit hours transferred into the M.Div. program is 40.

Course work must have been completed at an institution regionally accredited to offer degrees at the level into which the credit is transferred. Course work considered for transfer from such an institution must have been master’s level work for which academic credit was received at a level at or above a 2.3 grade-point value. Course work to be transferred must be in the subject area of divinity or Christian education or in a field considered parallel to the disciplines represented in the UPSem curriculum (e.g., philosophy, anthropology, psychology, education). Such parallel areas of study must be approved by the appropriate UPSem academic dean.

Transfer credit for required (“core”) courses is evaluated and approved by the appropriate academic dean, in consultation with the chair of the department in which credit is requested and the registrar. Transfer credit for elective courses is evaluated by the Registrar and approved by the appropriate academic dean. If transfer credit is approved equivalent to all required courses in any given department, the student must take at least one elective at UPSem in that department. All transfer work is listed on the UPSem transcript with the grade designation “credit.” Transfer work will not be considered in calculation of student grade point averages reported for degree work at UPSem. Course work completed by UPSem students at the Richmond Theological Consortium is not considered transfer credit. Registration for these courses is completed and tuition paid on the student’s home campus. Grades received appear on the transcript as they are reported to the Registrar and are included when student grade point averages are calculated.

No credits may be accepted from a conferred degree. Individuals who have completed the Master of Arts in Christian Education at a regionally accredited institution in the United States or who hold an equivalent educational credential from another country may be granted prior credit equivalent to 27 credit hours upon admission to the M.Div. program. Individuals who meet these same requirements and who have completed the Master of Divinity may be granted prior credit equivalent to 18 credit hours upon admission to the M.A.C.E. program. Degree requirements for prior credit students are specified in the UPSem academic catalog.

United Methodist Information

Union Presbyterian Seminary has a consortium agreement with Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC which allows UPSem students to take courses at Wesley. Registration information can be found at the Wesley Theological Seminary website or from Stan Hargraves’ office located in Watts 307, phone 804-278-4379. You can also go directly to the form by going here. Before you submit your application you will need to see Stan Hargraves for a special code that will bypass your needing to have transcripts or recommendations. After submitting your application you will also need a verification letter from the UPSem registrar or dean that you are in good standing.
Because different United Methodist conferences may have different requirements, we have provided you links to specific conference information. Please check with the appropriate United Methodist conference office for the specific requirements of your conference and Stan Hargraves, UPSem Registrar and United Methodist Advisor.

Virginia Conference

North Carolina Conference

Western North Carolina Conference

You can download a listing of Wesley and UPSem courses that meet common United Methodist requirements for ordination. Please note that travel seminars may or may not meet the mission requirements of a particular conference. Additionally a preaching course is not mandated by the Discipline so not all conferences will require preaching.

UPSem courses will apply to Wesley’s course prerequisites if there are any. Also both seminary’s policies state that students may not take supervised ministry and another course. However students can set up their supervised ministry contract to possibly allow one course as long as they do not overlap.

Wesley Course Listings

The Registrar's Office can also help you obtain information about:

  • Extension Requests for Charlotte students
  • Exception Requests for Richmond or Hybrid Program students
  • Extension Requests for Hybrid Program and Richmond students
  • Exception Requests for Charlotte students
  • Directed Studies
  • Hybrid Courses
  • Travel Seminar Schedule

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Stan Hargraves, Registrar (1-800-229-2990 ext. 379 or 804-278-4379) or Carolyn Day Pruett Assistant to the Registrar (1-800-229-2990 ext. 233 or 804-278-4233).

Registrar Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm.