Jamal Jones

Why did you choose Union?

For my seminary experience, I wanted the greatest engagement with Biblical Languages as possible. As alumni/ae know, as well as anyone else who’s closely looked at the Union curriculum, there isn’t another seminary that takes Greek and Hebrew more seriously and teaches them more intensely than Union. I say this as a person who never really felt called to academia but to pastoring, which can be confusing to some. I remember taking a Bible class in college and my professor saying “If you want to authentically converse about what the Bible says, you need to at least have a basic grasp of the Biblical languages.” That stuck with me. So, when I discovered that the Union curriculum engages the original languages beyond just two semesters of Greek and Hebrew, I was very interested. On the last day of New Testament II, whilst talking in depth about Revelation 12:7-15, I knew I found the seminary for me.

What are you doing, now that you have graduated?

Immediately after graduation I was hired as the Associate Student Ministries Pastor at West End Assembly of God. I am an auxiliary pastor who assists the Children, Youth, and Young Adult Pastors in their ministries on a regular basis. However, my main responsibility is to be the point leader for our middle school students, which includes weekly preaching, teaching, pastoral care, discipleship, and volunteer leading responsibilities. At West End, we believe there should be a certain level of continuity and teamwork to enable our students to best grow from K-12th, and my role enables us to do that in an intentional way.

How did Union prepare you for your career?

Union prepared me for my career by teaching me through an incredible curriculum. Believe it or not, every class that I took gave me some bit of information that I now use in my ministry to middle schoolers. That’s invaluable.

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